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Interior Flush Doors

Flush doors come in two versions – hollow or solid construction. When closed, a flush door of solid construction keeps more noise out of a room than one with a hollow construction. Additionally, solid flush doors are more energy efficient, as they keep warm air inside individual rooms in cold weather and help maintain cool air during warm months. Since flush doors are easier to fabricate than panel doors, they tend to be less expensive.

Paint Grade Flush Door.
Wood Flush Door.

Interior Shaker Doors

Shaker cabinets and doors offer a minimalist and contemporary look whilst providing functionality and a stunning finished look.

Interior Barn Doors

Show off your unique personality with a barn door that matches your specific style. The rustic look combined with our door hardware adds inspiration, elegance and style. The barn door can serve as a focal point in the room as well as a partition off of a larger room creating an intimate entertaining space for you and your guests.

Interior Moulded Raised Panel Doors

Panel doors tend to be more traditional and decorative than flush doors as they feature designs that are created by stiles and rails which in turn hold the panels. A stile is a length of wood positioned vertically on a door. Rails are lengths of wood that run horizontally across a door. The flat panels of the door fit between its stiles and rails.

Interior French Doors

French doors are traditionally constructed with large panes of glass, and so are particularly suited to environments where light flowing through rooms is the desired effect.