Frequently Asked Questions

Lead times vary and change almost daily depending on the product, for current lead time please contact us directly.
Yes we do! We do installations for residential interior and exterior doors as well as windows and retractable screens.
We deliver to both commercial and residential buildings and deliver all over The Sea To Sky Corridor and beyond. Please note we are curbside delivery only, Our driver will assist in unloading the product off of the truck but all deliveries require help to unload. For delivery options please talk to one of our representatives.
Yes we do! We have a third party contractor in Langley called The Door Painters and they do all our finishing for us. For questions on finishing please ask one of our representatives.
Yes, depending on the type of door you went with there are specific instructions and those can be found on our care and warranty page.

Exterior fiberglass withstand moisture and rot and are very low maintenance. Wood doors are naturally sensitive to moisture and will deteriorate over time and require constant upkeep. Both have high energy efficiency ratings, however Fiberglass may have a slight advantage over wood in terms of energy efficiency because fiberglass doors have a foam core, which helps to insulate them.

If you purchased the product from us and it is still within the 1 year service warranty then yes we will absolutely provide home service requests, however, we do not offer services to doors, windows or hardware not purchased at Tantalus Doors and Windows.

All info regarding product warranties can be found under our individual Products pages.

NAFS is the North American Fenestration Standard (officially known as AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440) that is used in Canada and the United States. It is a new fenestration standard to test and evaluate the performance of windows, doors, and skylights. NAFS is the window and door requirement of the National Building Code for residential housing and requires you test and properly label windows and doors in accordance with the standard and ensure doors and windows are rated to perform in the area they are being installed. For an in depth look and understanding of NAFS please visit there website here: NAFS FAQ